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As a host and moderator  - Kacey has worked on stage with Rick Springfield, Iron Chef Peter X Kelly,  Lydia Bastianich, Kathie Lee Gifford, Mary Higgins Clark and many others. 

As a speaker Kacey has inspired at Westchester College, Girls Scouts Heart of the Hudson Gold Awards, The Awaken Fair, MAYfest and at scores of theatres and private events.

“You a miraculous being, capable of wondrous things!”

Reminding you of this fact is the intention behind  all of Kacey’s inspirational presentations.  With decades of radio experience, Kacey is expert at putting her audience at ease so their imaginations can take flight. Her healing work as an advanced reiki practitioner adds an immediate shift in energy.

Did you ever write wish list for your life?

Have you ever visualized and experienced the feeling of what your world could really look like? 

She’s different!  

For Kacey, inspiring you is her ministry.  Her connection to source is solid and clear making it easier for her to point out the “magical staircases” that are waiting for you.  You will laugh, and you will sing as Kacey shares the story of her journey and guides you to the “what’s next” in yours.

“Smile! Keep Moving Forward!”  But the time Kacey shares her “blooper real” you’ll be chanting along with her and realizing you’ve found the courage to take that next step towards your dream.

You may even been half way there!

What makes Kacey’s heart sing?  The letters she gets from the people whose lives she has touched. One woman sent "before and after" pictures of her dramatic weight loss. Another wrote when she discovered her “theme song for life”.  A school principal rejoiced after she started taking music lessons!   And the list goes on….

Kacey will leave you with your personal blueprint for living well.

The lessons she learned “on the radio” come from the world’s leading innovators in health and wellness, celebrities and superstars.  Radio and musical clips help tell the story. The singing bowls and essential oils she uses in her reiki practice will literally change the energy in the room

                              Can someone tell you how to be happy? 


Kacey can.